About Corporate Video Concepts

The Company

Corporate Video Concepts, Inc. is a boutique video production agency which specializes in customized marketing, corporate communications and training videos as well as the filming of live events. We combine in-depth marketing experience with state of the art video expertise. We know how to make an impression!


We pride ourselves on creativity and always pushing the envelope while remaining “brand-right”. Our videos sell products, generate revenue, educate employees, and raise brand awareness. We produce more than videos; we produce results.


With every project, we follow three guiding principles to which we attribute our success and growth:



Uncompromising satisfaction is the team’s obsession…

One of the keys to our success is as old as business itself: give the client exactly what they want (and a little more), exactly when they want it (or a little before) – every time. And as strong business relationships make for strong partnerships, we treat every client, big or small, with the utmost respect, respond to their inquiries in a timely manner and are sensitive and attentive to their needs.


On Target; Brand Right…

The key to delivering a meaningful and impactful message is to make sure it appeals to its intended audience. It is imperative that the message is clear and concise while the look, feel and tone remain consistent with the brand. We work very closely with our clients and understand that some companies are conservative and have specific ways of doing things, while others like to push the boundaries. Taking the time to learn about our client’s culture, terminology and people, ensures that the final product is on target, brand right and accomplishes its intended goals.


Corporate Video with an Edge…

Perhaps our greatest competitive advantage is that we innovate and experiment every day. Corporate video does not have to be boring. We pride ourselves on creativity and artfully blending images, sounds and media to make sure your message engages the audience and leaves a lasting impression. We produce more than videos; we produce results.