My Trip to St. Jude’s Hospital

After a visit to St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis for a project I'm working on with Brooks Brothers, I realize how lucky I am to have my health. Seeing and interacting with so many sick kids who are fighting for their lives and seeing their courage and positive outlook has truly been inspiring.

We all know someone who has been afflicted with cancer. For me, the impact came from seeing so many suffering from this illness in the same place and especially at such a young age. It truly makes you see how many people are suffering and how important it is to fight this disease and to not stop until it's cured.

St. Jude is a life saving research hospital that provides children with cancer and their families, free healthcare, transportation, housing, education and food for the duration of their stay. They see over 7,000 children a year from all over the world and they charge not one penny. The staff and doctors that work there are the best in the world and the work they are doing is saving lives. This is an organization I am proud to support.

I'm also proud to call Brooks Brothers a client for more than 20 years. The money they raise and the support they give to St. Jude as well as other charities like Make a Wish and the Red Cross is exemplary of what a corporation should be. I thank Brooks Brothers for this experience and look forward to delivering an impactful video that will help them raise money and raise awareness for the amazing causes they so generously support.


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