Tiffany & Co. 2015 Holiday Video – An Exciting Video to Produce

One of the most exciting projects of 2015 was the Tiffany & Co. 2015 Holiday Video. For the past six years, Corporate Video Concepts has produced this exciting and important piece for the world-renowned luxury retailer.

Tiffany & Co., as a brand, puts much time and effort into training and communicating with their employees. In recent years, we've traveled to Singapore, Shanghai, Paris, London, Dubai and Mexico City to meet and film some of the company’s best employees. In 2015 we've had the awesome experience of shooting in Beijing, Geneva and Toronto.

The Tiffany & co. Holiday video is the annual kick-off for the holiday season. The purpose behind this video is to raise morale, convey key messages and get employees excited for the holidays. As such, much importance is put behind the project and employees anticipate its release.

For us, the 2015 Holiday Video was a unique and challenging project. Besides for orchestrating and travelling to shoots in three foreign countries, this year's theme was "Joy Comes Out of the Blue" and the video was designed to portray a true Tiffany Fairy-tale.

The animated intro took over 200 design-hours and the rest of the story was portrayed through picture book style graphics, voice-over and emotional sound bytes from the best of Tiffany Employees. The animated intro can be seen here:

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